Wednesday, June 30

Summer so Far

What a summer so far! I did find a job. I am once again back at the grocery store. I have worked at it since high school and some how have never left. They just keep hiring me back for the summer. Although I didn't want to go back and was hoping to find a different job it kind of has been a blessing to be back. They have been so good working with my schedule and with my other job.

My other job is probably the best job ever! I get to have fun all week and play while getting paid. Now who would not want that? Yes, I am an EFY councilor! I have met so many amazing people and it is so great to see people's lives changed. So far I have had 2 weeks. I did one session down at BYU Provo and I had one up at Utah State. I have another 2 up at Utah State and 2 at BYU Idaho which will be great! I wish I could do it all summer but unfortunatly I can not get any more time off. Kohlers was nice enough to let me have those 6 weeks.

But other than working life has been great! I love being home and getting to know new people in my singles ward and everywhere else. It is also so great being home and spending time with my family. Me and my mom have been going running in the morning which has been fun. I love my mom she is wonderful! It has been a great summer though so far and we are only half way through. There are still many adventures to be made!

Wednesday, April 28

Summer here I am but what should I do?

Well I have slacked off for sure and have fallen behind on posting about my life because I know so many people want to know whats going on it it...

Well for starts I finished my winter semester and am now a Junior! Its crazy to think about and weird to think that I have finished 2 years of college already. Well this past semester was a blast and by far the best semester I have had up at BYU-Idaho. I had the opportunity to be involved in two different programs on campus. One being the Heber J. Grant program where we help and assist students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. I love that program and got to know so many amazing people. This was our Leadership Council they are amazing and I love them!
Another program I had the opportunity to help with was Get Prepared. I had so much fun and would go into the office and work at least 5-6 hours a week but those were the best hours ever. I found going into the office being a nice get away from life and all the stresses that come with school and being away from home. I just loved the people that I worked with too. We would have so much fun together and I got to know them all so much!

This semester was probably my most busiest. I took 17 credits and was involved in those two programs and was still able to have a social life. It really was a miracle that I made it through this semester. I pulled all A's and one B+. I have never done that well in school in my whole life. I know that I was helped so much from my Heavenly Father and am so grateful for that. It really has been such a great semester!

Well then a few other things that are exciting that have happened at home is that my brother Joseph went on a mission! He was called to Peru and left March 17. He is still in the MTC and since they changed the missions there is not for certain which mission he is going to be in. I am just so happy and excited for him though. He is going to be an amazing missionary! kind of funny looking but we like him.
Another exciting thing is that..... I'm an Aunt!!!! My sister Katie had her baby on April 23. James Edward Phelps. He is just a little guy but we like him:)
Well that is my life in a nut shell really. Nothing to exciting now I am home for the summer and need to find something to keep me entertained. I am excited to make new friends this summer but not looking forward to the job hunting... so wish me luck, here I come summer, lets hope its a good one:)

Wednesday, October 28

Florida and other stuff

Wow life just gets so crazy! School has been great! I am loving my roommates and am still getting to know lots of people. I have been just crazy busy with school and being involved and doing cross country. I am loving every minute of it though! So a couple weeks I was able to go to Florida with my family for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. It was so much fun just to spend time with my family! I love them all so much! We were able to go to Disneyworld, Kennedy Space Center, and the beach! It was a nice time to just sit back and relax. Not going to lie coming back was a pain with missing so much in school and coming back to have to take 4 midterms. But no worries! Life is still good and I am half way through! I am so excited to be done with this semester! Here is just a few pictures from my trip:)

My family decided it would be funny to bury me in the sand then poor ocean water all over my head. Good thing I still love them;) What a good looking family! Little did you know we did go to San Fransisco

EPCOT! Loved that place!

Disneyland with the fam! So fun!

Monday, September 21

Back in the Burg!

So I am now a sophomore at BYU Idaho! It is kind of exciting because I don't get that "oh, you're a freshman" anymore. Although apparently a lot of people think I am because I have too much energy. It's not my fault if I like to dance whenever I get excited! This is me and my old roommates from last semester! It was so fun to see them all again!

Well any who. I am loving being back here in Rexburg. Really coming back was like coming back home. Summer was good and all but being back in Idaho is even better! There is just something about BYU Idaho that draws you to it and makes you love it! I might be biased but it is the best school out there! I have really been getting involved this semester which has been a lot of fun! I helped with Get Connected which is like a freshman orientation. It was such a wonderful experience and I got to know so many amazing people and make new friends which is always good right! I am looking forward to helping again with that in the Winter. I have got my roommate Dani convinved to do it too! This is just a bunch of people that did Get Connected with me. We got together and had a balloon party. It was great!

Another program which I am helping with is the Heber J. Grant Program. It is a student-led organization that identifies and assists individuals in their efforts to overcome disadvantaged backgrounds. It has been fun! I love serving and again it has been such a great way to get to know people! Now I just have to stay caught up with my school work and I will be fine!

Sunday, August 30

My new blog!

Hey check it! I made a blog so you can know about me and all that cool stuff that happens in my life. So yup I guess I'll try and keep you all posted but you got to check it!