Wednesday, June 30

Summer so Far

What a summer so far! I did find a job. I am once again back at the grocery store. I have worked at it since high school and some how have never left. They just keep hiring me back for the summer. Although I didn't want to go back and was hoping to find a different job it kind of has been a blessing to be back. They have been so good working with my schedule and with my other job.

My other job is probably the best job ever! I get to have fun all week and play while getting paid. Now who would not want that? Yes, I am an EFY councilor! I have met so many amazing people and it is so great to see people's lives changed. So far I have had 2 weeks. I did one session down at BYU Provo and I had one up at Utah State. I have another 2 up at Utah State and 2 at BYU Idaho which will be great! I wish I could do it all summer but unfortunatly I can not get any more time off. Kohlers was nice enough to let me have those 6 weeks.

But other than working life has been great! I love being home and getting to know new people in my singles ward and everywhere else. It is also so great being home and spending time with my family. Me and my mom have been going running in the morning which has been fun. I love my mom she is wonderful! It has been a great summer though so far and we are only half way through. There are still many adventures to be made!

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